AFW: ByDanie

ImageOn the last day of AFW last week I went to the ByDanie fashionshow. After seeing the Tony Cohen show with blogger Saskia from Former Parades (she has an amazing blog by the way, you can take a look HERE) I was very excited to watch the ByDanie collection two days later! The band Cookies and Cream performed while the models strutted the runway. The ByDanie collection is inspired on it-girls and is very feminine and chic. I love the fringe jackets, the beanies and the metallic jumpsuits! If you are in amsterdam I can highly suggest a visit to the ByDanie Vintage Store (find it HERE), and if you’re not in Amsterdam (no biggie) just click HERE. Enjoy! ^_^

AFW: 2LOVETonyCohen

ImageLast sunday Tony Cohen showed his collections (yes two!) at Amsterdam Fashion Week. The 2LOVETonyCohen collection was shown first consisting of loose fitting outfits with zippers, metallic fabrics, prints and gorgeous pastel colors! The outfit pictured above is my absolute favorite and high on my wishlist! If you are thinking about buying, you can find the website HERE. They ship worldwide and oh- I forgot to tell you, the 2LOVE collection is the more affordable one! ^_^

Photo courtesy of Peter Stigter

Who run the world?


Yesterday Supertrash threw one spectacular party at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Instead of monte scroppinos and champagne there was cotton candy, hotdogs and a lot of lemonade. I’m such a kid at heart so I must admit I had the time of my life! And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the STgirls fashionshow started. The cutest mini-supermodels strutted the catwalk as if they were professional models. The collection for girls aged 6 – 14 years consists of shiny accessories, classy jackets and silky tops. Perfect for all the cool girls in town!

ImageSupertrash owner Olcay Gulsen with one of the models

AFW: SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers

ImageLast night Spijkers en Spijkers opened Amsterdam Fashion Week with an amazing show. With the waves of the sea in the background models strutted it on the catwalk looking casual yet very feminine. The collection is inspired by the young Brigitte Bardot. I loved the off-shoulder shirts, wide skirts and the dresses with the focus on the waist. The SS14 collection is very romantic and makes one want to go the French Riviera straight away!

ImagePhotos by Peter Stigter

Yikes spikes

ImageNormally I’m not really into shoes with spikes but these studded Converses are the perfect sneakers to wear this summer. I love everything about them, so why not DIY. All you need is a pair of classic white Hi-Top Converse All Stars, 68 gold flat glue on pyramid studs and a hot glue gun (please be careful). For the tongue of the shoe you will need to glue on 4 rows, each row consisting of 6 studs. Repeat this for the second shoe and fold the back of both shoes just as is pictured above. Glue on 10 studs on the back of each shoe, let it dry and you are ready to rock your sneakers! ^_^